Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Knit: Rib Stitch

The rib stitch is one of my favorite stitches. It creates a soft and thick knit and is AWESOME for scarves! I've used the rib stitch for two previous scarves I've made Fringe Scarf and Thyroid Cancer Scarf. The best part about the rib stitch is that it is simple to do! Just knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one (until the end of the row), turn and continue. The key is to making sure you cast on an even number of stitches.

Start with a knit stitch.

After completing the knit stitch you will need to move the yarn 
to the front of your needles for your purl stitch.
I use the middle finger of my left hand to do so.

Now that your yarn is in front of your needles, purl the next stitch.

Purl and move the yarn to the back of the needles.

With the yarn behind your needles knit your next stitch.

With yarn in front purl the next stitch.

After doing this a few times you will start to see the pattern emerge.
Become familiar with the pattern.
Soon you will be able to tell from looking which stitches are knit and which are purled.

Recognizing knit and purl stitches are important.
So if you set your knitting down in the middle of a row,
you know what stitch to continue with ;)

Here is what the rib stitch looks like after a few rows.
The knit stitches are what you primarily see unless you spread it out as pictured.
The purl stitches hide in between the knit stitches.

And that's the rib stitch. Great for a blanket or scarf. Now that you've learned a new stitch... go knit!

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Happy Crafting!