Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ribbed Scarf with Fringe: Scarves For Christmas

This next scarf is simple yet fun! I love the way multicolored yarn can make a knitting project look so unique! Rib stitch is fairly simple to do, there is just a ton of yarn movement. 

You start out in a knit, purl pattern (an even number of stitches works best for this). The key is to make sure you continue the pattern properly. I tend to be a perfectionist and ripped out many rows on this scarf because I goofed on one stitch that threw off EVERYTHING!
The scarf didn't quite look complete to me so I decided to add fringe.
Plus knowing the person I made it for I believe she'll love it!

Fringe is a new adventure for me, never having done it before.
The most important part to me was making sure the fringe is all the same size.

In order to do this I decided to use a glass coaster we have to measure
and cut my yarn.

To make the fringe a decent length I only cut at one end.

I took three strands of the cut yarn in my yarn needle,
 pulled the yarn half way through, and tied a knot using all six strands.

The best part about the rib stitch is that it lays flat on it's own and doesn't need a border!
Happy Crafting!