Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to Knit: Purl Stitch

So you've learned how to cast on and the knit stitch with the How to Knit Tutorial series. If you need a refresher or are new to the series you can click on the bold words above and it will take you to the previous tutorials.

Today I'm going to teach you the purl stitch. The two basic stitches of knitting are the knit stitch and the purl stitch. These two stitches will be used in combination to make everything! When I started to refresh my knitting skills, a few years ago, I took a class from Joann's Fabric. The teacher didn't know how to knit left handed (which I do) and all she kept telling me was that I wasn't doing it right. So what I had to do was go home and watch youtube videos in order to teach myself how to knit properly. My knit stitch looked like the purl stitch and I couldn't purl to save my life. The problem was that I was wrapping my yarn around the knitting needle backwards and it made the loops on my needle twisted and very hard to work with. I didn't have the easiest time learning how to knit but now that I do I love it! So I'd like to help others learn as well!

Purling is opposite of knitting.
Insert your needle from the front and pointing down.

Wrap the yarn clockwise (this is the only part that's the same as the knit stitch).
Pulling it through the stitch.

and pushing the stitch off the needle.

Repeat through the row. Inserting the needle through the front and down.

Wrapping the yarn clockwise.

pulling it through the back and pushing it off.

The purl stitch gives you this bumpy look.

Here is my video tutorial for the purl stitch:

Happy Crafting!