Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thyroid Cancer (Ribbon Scarf)

First, please forgive my lack of post the lately! I seemed to get one sickness after another last month and then we had our yearly trip to New York. While I'm sure you're thinking I'm a spoiled woman, having a yearly trip to New York, it's not all fun and games. You see, I have thyroid cancer and so my yearly trip is for my cancer check up.

While thyroid cancer is generally considered the "good" cancer. I am here to say that NO cancer is GOOD cancer! And while thyroid cancer is generally easy to treat, mine is not. However, thanks to God (first and always), faith, prayer, and fabulous doctors my cancer numbers are staying low!

This year marks five years with my fabulous doctors in NY and so to celebrate I knit my doc a thyroid cancer ribbon scarf and I have enough yarn leftover to knit one for myself too!

Blue, Teal, and Pink... the thyroid cancer ribbon colors.


My Doc sporting his awesome and unique scarf!
Suffering with a little pink for the cause and his profession!
Thank you God for low cancer numbers and for Dr T!
Happy Crafting!