Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Diagonal Knit Headband

I was recently approached by Decal Drama because they like my crafts and wanted a craft of mine to feature on one of their mini-giveaways! I've been waiting a few weeks to share this with all of you and I'm excited to say that today is the giveaway starting @ 3 Pacific! Go check out Decal Drama's Facebook page here and my Facebook page here. To enter the mini-giveaway like both of our Facebook pages, like Decal Drama's status and comment on it. It's as simple as that!

I decided to knit a headband because they're so popular right now. If you've read my blog before you know that any recipe or pattern is a jumping off point for me and I make it my own. This headband was no different!

You can find the original pattern here

The changes I made:

In section 1, I did not knit the icord and I repeated until I had 21 stitches instead of 29. (If you want to change the width, the number of stitches needs to be divisible by 4 and add 1 because Daisy stitch in section 2A is done in increments of 4 + 1.) 

Because I made the headband narrower in section 2B, row g, K 6, K 9 wrapping 3 times, K 6. (This is to create elongated stitches. Instead of wrapping the yarn around the needle once and knitting, wrap the yarn three times and finish knitting the stitch.)
Row h, P 6, Sl 4 dropping extra wraps, put all 4 stitches back on left needle, slide last 2 stitches over the first 2 stitches, P those 4 stitches, P 1 dropping extra wraps, Sl 4 dropping extra wraps, put all 4 stitches back on left needle, slide last 2 stitches over the first 2 stitches, P 6.
(Insert your needle knit wise into the wrapped stitch, slipping the stitch over to your right needle, dropping the wraps in the process. Do this for 4 stitches, then move them back to your left needle and slipping the last 2 stitches over the first 2 but not off the needle. Purl the 4 unwrapped stitches. Purl 1 dropping the wraps. Slip the last 4 wrapped stitches to your right needle and proceed in the same fashion as the first 4.)

In section 3, I knit 4 rows and knit a buttonhole in the middle of the 5th row and in the middle of the 11th row. I also sewed a coordinating button on section 1 (the first end).

Thank you to my beautiful model Tamara! Go check out her blog here.

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Happy Crafting!