Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY Pin Cushion

I love to have pretty, cute, and colorful things around me. I've been wanting a new pin cushion for a long time. First, because my old one wasn't large enough. Second, because removing pins while sewing was awkward to put them back in. And third, because my old pin cushion was not really my style and didn't go with my craft room.

What you'll need to make your own:
- Picture Frame
- Coordinating Fabric
- Stuffing
- Stapler

My first step was to find the perfect picture frame.
I was picky about the shape and color of the frame.
So when I found the perfect shaped frame I decided to paint it the color I wanted.
This frame was originally orange and I painted it black.
(I forgot to take a before picture. Sorry!)

Here are my main supplies.

For my first step I folded over the edge of the fabric on one side and stapled it onto the frame backing.

Inserting the frame backing edge that I previously stapled down,
I then insert stuffing into the fabric so it is sticking out the front of the frame.
Next I pulled on the fabric that is sticking out the backside of the frame, to get any creases out.
Once I have the fabric where I want it, I stapled the rest of the fabric down to the backside of the frame to keep everything in place.

Trim the excess fabric, insert your pins, and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!