Monday, March 31, 2014

Necklace of Love

Today I received the greatest surprise in the mail! A beautiful necklace to remember the babies we've lost.

I would like to thank Held Your Whole Life for this beautiful gift of love! You see this company makes necklaces and key chains to remember the babies that are miscarried, stillborn, and taken from this earth too soon. At the beginning of each month they take requests for the necklaces and key chains which they make free of charge. I applied back in October after our last miscarriage for a necklace for myself and a key chain for my husband. I received an email asking me to confirm my info for the key chain (a surprise for my husband).  Never having received an email for the necklace I assumed my necklace didn't make the cut. I figured it was just as well and was happy to have something for my husband. 

Today I received two packages in the mail. One that I was super excited about and the other which I had forgotten about. The first being my new stamp for my Etsy shop (which turned out great by the way). The second a surprise for my husband (or so I thought). When he asked what was in the package I told him a surprise so I could open it in private and give it to him at the right time. I opened the box to find a necklace for me,  which I will proudly wear! The arrival was quite fitting as yesterday marked six months since we lost our third baby.

Thank you Held Your Whole Life for all of your hard work and dedication!  This hurting Momma appreciates it more then words can say!

My beautiful necklace!