Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mission Organization: Laundry Room

My laundry room organization and transformation has been a process over a few months. I've been itching to share it with all of you but I wasn't willing to let you peek until it was complete!

Many of the things previously in the laundry room stayed but found a new area to reside. I'm happy to say with a little rearranging, a few things not being used around the house, and a couple of new things, I love my laundry room!

My blue bucket in the corner is actually new but was added in before I got a chance to take my Before picture. Sorry!
I actually have two (one in each corner).  One holds laundry odds and ends (steamer, cleaning products, etc), while the other holds doggy supplies.

The accordion peg rack might be simple but it is one of my favorite new additions to the room!
The fact that it only cost $2 from my local thrift shop doesn't hurt anything.
A coat of red paint and it's good as new!
Plus it's a great place to hang my bras to dry ;)

My laundry sign has been around for years but got a redo to go with my new color scheme.
You can find my blog post for it here!
The frame is made up of antique clothes pins that I got from a cousin after her grandmother passed.
The sign is both beauty and function as it reminds of the expensive electricity times.

The decorative clothes line is something my grandmother bought for me when I bought my first home. She found it a good excuse to go shopping and help me decorate. While some things were not my taste, some things were like this clothes line, which inspired the new colors for redecorating the laundry room. After my grandfather passed a year ago I treasure the things they gave me even more. Looking at these things around our house remind me of them :)

From left to right:

My first blue bucket to help keep things organized, a white dish to hold my bra savers, and a beautiful mason jar meant for beverages now holding my laundry detergent.

My laundry time sign hanging on the wall.

A cute clothes pin sign from my mother. It says "24 Hour Laundry Service Drop your pants here"
Definitely not 24 hour laundry service but it puts a smile on my face and how often does being in your laundry room make you smile?

A white basket to hold my stain stick, fabric softener ball, and a microfiber cloth (I use it to clean the lint off my dryer because I can't stand it building up lol), and my second blue bucket holding Zeke's (the dog) extra things.

A shelf that wasn't being used once we moved now hangs above my washer and dryer. It now holds blue and red mini pots that contain clothes pins, a red basket that holds my color catchers (if you don't use these you should look into them! They absorb and dye that runs in the load. No more pink jeans, which my husband is eternally grateful for!), and a pretty pot and flowers.

I hope you've enjoyed a little tour around my laundry room!
Happy Crafting!