Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finished Pajama Bottoms

Finally! Some of you might remember that I started a pair of pjs bottoms last year with the promise of updating when I finished them. Well guess what?! I finally did! I stopped working on them, having the sides all sown and needing to do the casing for the draw string. 

Originally I was just planning on folding, ironing, and sewing the top of the pants to make the casing but I didn't like how low cut that would make them (my first obstacle). I don't know about all of you but I like to be comfy when I sleep and low rise pj bottoms is not my idea of comfy!

My second obstacle being that I could not get my buttonhole feature to work correctly on my sewing machine. I kept trying on scrap fabric with no luck! It would just sew in one spot and not move and finally would get bunched up in the machine. 

I've had my sewing machine since I was a kid and between about 5 moves I have no clue where the manual is. The company has some out of print manuals online but of course not one for my machine. So my pjs bottoms went into a basket where they have been for many months now, with good intentions of finishing them. 

Since my favorite pjs bottoms (aka old, comfy, and falling apart) are pretty much beyond repair (I've already sewn up tears a few times) I decided that it was time to finish my in progress pjs. My solution to the obstacles was first to use extra material to make a casing for the drawstring and to use my mother's sewing machine to do the button holes. As long as her machine was set up I used it to hem my pj bottoms as well. It was great to use her machine because it's fairly new and buttonholes are a synch and it has fancy stitches.

Happy Crafting!