Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Measure Twice, Cut Once (Pajama Bottoms)

I am currently working on sewing some new pajama bottoms for myself. After going back to my usual store where I've been getting my pajama bottoms from for years I found that they have started cutting the size a bit smaller then before and their pj bottoms are no longer comfy like they used to be. I like my pajama pants to be baggy and comfy... something I can lounge around in on Saturdays with my husband or on my day off while I work on cleaning the house. I also like my pajamas to be cute. Since I couldn't find anything that I liked I decided to make my own. I decided on a fun pattern of green fabric with hot pink polka dots (I LOVE polka dots!!!) and a hot pink ribbon for a draw string.

I've washed the fabric, which is a must before any sewing project! Fabric might shrink a little when washed so be sure to pre-wash before sewing. It would be horrible if your garment was to shrink after all your hard work, when it can all be avoided by pre-washing your fabric.

After washing the fabric I cut out the pattern and pinned it to my fabric. This is my least favorite part of it all! For all of my craftiness I cannot cut straight to save my life! Thankfully my newest addition to my craft room (cutting mat, rotary cutter, and ruler) made this hated step bearable for me! Hard to believe that I have lived without a cutting mat and rotary cutter for SO long!

Next comes pinning and I'm not talking about pinterest! ;) Simple enough align the front pieces to the back pieces, pin together, and then begin sewing! This is where I am right now so I'm signing off for now so I can start sewing. I'll update to show you the pajama bottoms when I'm done.

Happy crafting!