Friday, January 31, 2014

Mission Organization: Cupcake Liners

Hi my name is Nadia and I have pack rat tendencies. Yes, I admit it! I get it from my Father. I have a hard time getting rid of things that I might use or reuse. I have quite a few jars laying around the house... some with a plan in mind (like my painted jars), some are used for spices, and others do not have a plan yet. Some of these jars my Father has given me, some I have collected, and one a good friend kindly gave me when I told her I had a larger version of it at home.

The jar pictured below is one that my Father gave me that did not have a plan... until this past week. 

Step one: Wash the jars and let it soak to remove the label.
Use goo gone if needed to remove any remaining stickiness. 
Due to my love of baking and my love of fun colorful things I have collected quite a few different cupcake liners. Originally they were stored in a drawer with my baking items but over Christmas my collection grew considerably and a new solution was needed. While organizing my jars I came up with the brainy idea to make a cupcake jar!

Everything in my kitchen is green so the lid must be too!

Ta Da! My cupcake jar!
Happy Crafting!