Sunday, December 22, 2013

Welted Scarf: Scarves for Christmas

Here is another unique scarf in my Scarves for Christmas collection. I found this pattern on Pinterest of course! I picked this yarn for B long before I chose a pattern. I kept debating between a few patterns until I found this one and I knew it was perfect (hopefully!).

It took a bit of internet research to clarify how to do the welts but once I got the hang of it, it's simple! I live this because it's not a set pattern and each welted scarf you make will look different! 

How to make a welt:
The scarf is knit in stockinette stitch with the welts being made on the purl side. 
To begin knit a few rows in stockinette stitch (the pattern suggests 5 rows). On the purl side 
pick up a purl stitch with your right needle and transfer it to your left needle. Now knit both the transfered stitch and regular stitch together. Continue this to make your welt. For this first welt do it across the entire row (the same for your ending row to make it uniform).

It is recommended to make your welt at least 6 stitches wide otherwise it looks odd. After my first welt I changed how mant rows I used to welt together (changing from 5 to 3-4). I didn't like the way the large welt looked.

To make the scarf more interesting I varied where I placed the wekts, how long they were, as well as how wide. Some started out wider and got smaller; giving it a horizontal look. Some rows started and ended with welts. 

All in all I love the way it turned out!  I haven't knit a scarf yet I haven't liked... probably because if I didn't like it to begin with I would take it out and start again!

Now that you know the basics of welting go out and knit welts!
Happy Crafting!
The pattern can be found here.