Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easy Blanket: Blanket (Not a Scarf) for Christmas

I realize that a blanket is not a scarf but since 8 months old is a bit too young for a scarf M gets a blanket instead. This blanket has been made over many months and in between many scarves. I started the blanket about October. 

Having knit this pattern before I confidently got my needles out to start knitting. After a few rows it wasn't looking the same as the previous blanket. It looked "holey". I know what you're thinking and yes they were the same knitting needles I used previously and the same brand and type of yarn. The only difference is the color of the yarn. Being the perfectionist that I am (at least when it comes to knitting) and not liking the way it looked I undid all the the knitting even though my husband and mother insisted that it was fine. I moved to a needle size smaller but do to the needle change I no longer had enough yarn. This didn't dawn on me until further along in the blanket. I originally bought this yarn (2 skeins) on sale at Hobby Lobby. I bought 2 skeins because that's what I used for the previous blanket I had made with this pattern. Of course when I went back to buy more they no longer sold it and I had to get more online for a higher price. But finishing the blanket was worth the higher price of yarn! 

I found the original pattern on Ravelry. Hopefully it will help keep M nice and warm this winter!

Happy Crafting!