Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Knit Bear #2

Ruby Bear (the pattern)
My husband and I will be getting a new niece in March or April. I've been trying to decide what to knit for her. Originally I thought I would knit a baby blanket but my Mother-in-law is already knitting one for her so I wanted to do something different. I figured a knitted bear would be great! Especially since I already know how to do it.

I'm going to make a few changes to this bear from the first one I made last spring (which can be found here).
First, by actually following the knit purl pattern correctly lol. I was just getting back into knitting when I decided to knit the bear. At that time I wasn't knitting correctly (I am now). My so called knit stitch looked like a purl stitch but twisted the loops making it very difficult to get the knitting needles in. 

Also with following the pattern it will be all knit on the outside which will be softer for the baby.
Second, when I'm done knitting the pieces but before putting them together and stuffing them, I want to make a lining out of brown material for the stuffing to go into.  A) so that my niece can't pull the stuffing out of the bear and B) so that you can't see the white stuffing through the knit. With the first bear I made I tried finding brown stuffing so it would blend in with the knit. I thought about dying the stuffing brown but I think the lining will work best.

Third, I will attach the bears limbs with yarn and not buttons. It was nice to make the limbs moveable on my first bear, buttons aren't exactly baby friendly!
Fourth, on the same note of anti-buttons there will be no button face. His face will either be sewn on in yarn or embroidery floss.

The one change I've done to both of the bears from the original pattern is to  make them brown instead of red. I'm using  Bernat cotton tots yarn in country taupe. Already working on the bear's tummy. Will update with pictures as I go!

Happy crafting!