Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Knitted Teddy Bear

This was my first knitting project that I had to follow a pattern. All in all I think Mr Bear turned out great. I didn't fill his body with as much stuffing as I should have. I made sure to secure his head well so that it's not floppy. I'm currently knitting him a tie so you can't see where I secured his head. I'm quite proud of the tie since I don't have a pattern and figured it out myself! Note: It is important to stuff the bear's limbs equally. My bear's legs are a little uneven but it gives him character ;)

All pieces were knitted separately with a yarn tail left on the end.
The yarn tail is used to attach the bear's body parts.

I attached the bear's arms with buttons so that the arms can move.

The bear is complete with his button face!

Check out my blog post for a teddy bear accessory and learn how to knit him a tie!