Monday, January 14, 2013

Knit Apple Dishcloth Updated 1/31/2013

Now that I'm almost done knitting this apple dishcloth for my mother in law I'm learning it is better to follow the pattern then to try and figure it out on your own LOL! I made some minor changes in the beginning and I chose thicker yarn because I wantes it to be a pot holder instead of a dishcloth. By this point it's more of a trivet! Can't wait to show you all my finished "dishcloth" lol!
Knit Apple dishcloth pattern can be found here.

Update 1/31/2013: The last picture show the apple "dishcloth" finished product. Ready for my mother in law's birthday!

I knit i-cord for my apple stem. You can find the tutorial on how to knit i-cord here.

Happy Crafting!