Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Knitting i-cord

I'm using the I-cord knit for the stem of the apple trivet (mentioned in the previous post). I am a stubborn Italian and I'm bound and determined to make each craft my own. I learned how to knit I-cord from a blog post I found on pinterest. Surprising isn't it? LOL

Normally to knit I-cord you would use double sided knitting needles. Since I currently do not own double sided knitting needles after I've knitted the row I transfer it back over to the other knitting needle.

To start cast on 3 stitches and knit normally. If you are using double sided needles push stitches to the right side of the needles. The working yarn will be coming from the far left stitch and knit regular with the working yarn coming from that last stitch. If using regular knitting needles transfer the stitches to the opposite needle with working yarn coming from bottom stitch and knit. Continue in this pattern until the desired length and bind of normally.

Happy Crafting!