Friday, December 14, 2012

Glass etching

I love the inspiration I found on pinterest to etch a Pyrex dish with your last name. This way when you bring a casserole to a potluck you'll know which dish is yours at the end. I decided this would make a great Christmas presents for some friends.

What you'll need:
-Glass to be etched (cups, dishes, glass ornaments, etc)
-Glass etching credit cream
-Self adhesive stencils
-Qtips (I tried using the brush that came with the cream but it made a mess.)
-Latex or nitrile gloves

First wash the piece of glass you're going to be etching with soap & water. Dry the piece of glass and then use rubbing alcohol to clean the area (I didn't use the alcohol since the Pyrex dishes were brand new.) When using the etch cream make sure to use gloves so it doesn't get on your skin.

Next place the stencils in desired pattern. Apply etching cream over stencil, thickly, with a qtip or brush. Make sure the etch cream does not go over the stencils (no matter how fast you wipe it off it still etches the glass).

Let cream set for 15 minutes. After 15 wash off etch cream and remove stencils. Dry and you're done!

Etch cream on stencils.

Here is what the finish product looks like on my oil bottle.

Happy Crafting!