Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas tree skirt

Since I feel I am a fairly crafty person I decided that I needed to make us our own Christmas tree skirt. I found a pattern I loved from Joann's Fabrics. I LOVE polka dots and thought this would be great but it didn't seem very Christmasy so I decided to make ours with more Christmas "appropriate" colors. I also didn't like the way they put it together. I wanted to make something that was going to last, that would be our Christmas tree skirt for years to come. So I decided to sew everything together.

This project was a bit daunting for me. I started by borrowing my parents Christmas tree skirt to use as a template to cut the base for our skirt. I used round metal cookie sheets and scrapbook stencils and chalk to cut the circles. I chose a wavy stitch to sew everything together in red thread. I stitched along the edges on the base of the tree skirt and then sewed the circles on in alternating colors and patterns. I chose to make smaller circles then the original pattern called for to add more color and depth. Now we have a completely unique Christmas tree skirt that my husband and I both love!

Happy Crafting!