Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Office chair recover

 My mother kindly donated a chair for my craft room last year. It was an old office chair that wasn't being used at the office anymore but it was a nasty shade of grey! There was also a hole in the seat. TOTALLY NOT me! I figured there must be someway to recover this chair and make it pretty. So I began to search pinterest to find what might I thought might be the easiest way to go about it. I put starting the project for a long time but one night of insomnia got me rolling! 

The first attempt I sewed a fabric slip cover for the top part of the chair but the perfectionist came out in me and I didn't like it. So I seam ripped everything and continued to search pinterest. I found someone's blog that suggested taking a flathead screwdriver and wedging it between the backrest and the back panel. (Sorry for not having the blog link for you! Somehow I didn't pin it and for as much as I've tried to find it again I can't!) After prying the back off of the backrest you simply hold the fabric taught, using a staple gun staple the fabric in place.

This all seemed simple enough to me so off I went on my next project! I wasted quite a few staples since I had never used a staple gun before but I love the way everything turned out! The only snag in my plan was that I couldn't get the back panel back onto the backrest. I figured since it still had the little nails in that I could hammer it back into place. But that didn't work so the backrest has been sitting next to my desk lol. I have velcro tape on my shopping list. (The velcro pieces has glue on the back sides. I used it in college to attach my memo board to the block wall and it worked great.) In the end all that matters is that the back is on my chair lol.


The backrest fabric stapled on.

The back view

The finished product!
My craft room is purple and black and I just loved this fabric print!
Happy Crafting!