Wednesday, December 12, 2012

White elephant gift

Our friends have a yearly white elephant Christmas party. We wanted to do something different and funny this year. Our idea: maxi pad slippers.

What you'll need to make your own:
-4 maxi pads
-packing tape
-colored paper
-embellishments (stickers, buttons, etc)

Step 1: Remove maxi pads from wrapping. Cut paper to fit bottom of pads, leaving some adhesive unpapered on two of the pads for the top part of the slippers). I used winged pads. It helped to secure the bottom pad to the paper. (The paper is just aol that the entire bottom giant sticky. Plus you can add color.)

Step 2: Figures out exactly where you want the top of the slippers to be positioned. Using the adhesive on the edges of the pad attach to main pad. Add tape to the back to secure everything. (I used packing tape.)

Step 3: Add embellishments of your choice to the top of the slippers. This is where you can get REALLY creative! Such a great white elephant/gag gift!