Monday, December 10, 2012

Spray Paint

I have come to LOVE spray paint. I can turn something ugly that no one wants into something great! Where do I even begin to tell you all the things in my home I have spray painted to make it look better, update it, or to go with the new decor in the room.

If you read my first post then you know that I spray painted the cookie sheet to make the memo board. A few months before my husband and I moved into our new house my parents neighbor had this UGLY file cabinet on their curb for the bulk trash pick up. This file cabinet was a color call puke... not quite gold, not yellow, and not green. What some saw as trash, we saw potential in. Sure it was missing a handle and another handle was bent. Yes it was a AWFUL color but I turned it into a project and with the help of my mom and my aunt we spray painted it black. We bought new handles which my husband and I installed. To look at it now you would never know of the ugly color underneath. We basically got a free file cabinet and it has given us storage in our new home.

I have spray painted baskets and tins to go with the decor in different rooms of the house. My craft room has a black and purple theme. So I've been painting and spray painting everything to go with the new color scheme. We had mauve cabinets that were in the spare bedroom of our old house. I painted them beige to make them neutral. I did leave the inside mauve so we show our future children. I still have many things on my painting to do list. Next is an accordion peg rack... Another goodwill find. (Goodwill is great for finding thing to repaint!)

LOVE this spray paint! It has primer and paint in one.
Saves SO much time!

My filing cabinet (not quite done at this point). My husband and father in law had to hammer the cabinet straight. I know it's not perfect and needed a few touch ups. You'll notice the metal between the first and second draw didn't get spray painted well enough but now you can see the hideous puke color I was talking about. All in all not too bad I say!