Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thread Holder

When we moved into our new home last December my husband and I were discussing what we wanted to do with all the space. The two extra rooms upstairs are waiting for babies, we made one of the rooms downstairs a guest room, and we weren't sure what to do with the other room downstairs. Well I helped my husband by deciding to turn it into my craft room. 

Finally I have a space for my sewing machine, fabric, scrapbook supplies, wrapping paper, and my ironing board. We bought a great sturdy desk from a hotel liquidation store. My sewing machine has a permanent spot there.

I LOVE having a room for all my creativity and also inspires me. I can decorate it any way I want. The color scheme is black and purple (the file cabinet I spray painted black is in there as well).

Now to actually tell you about my thread holder! After we moved in I began sewing things for the house or mending. It was driving me crazy trying to find the matching bobbins and thread. I have two or three different shades of beige... Similar yet different. And two different shades of yellow. It was so frustrating to dig through a pile of bobbins trying to find the one that you're looking for and matches! 

I bought a $5 picture frame from Walmart and painted it purple. I had Home Depot cut down a piece of peg board to fit inside the frame. Next I had my husband cut some chopsticks in half for me. I decided where I wanted to put the chopsticks in the peg board and hot glued them in. After it dried I spray painted it black.

The peg board is held securely in the frame with the clips in the back of the frame. I added heavy duty magnets on the back and put it on the side of the file cabinet that's next to my desk. I also added small magnets under the chopsticks that don't have the tapered end so that the metal bobbins can attach to the magnets. (The tapered end is small enough for the bobbin to fit on.) 

Total for this project I spent about $14 (frame, peg board, and purple paint). The rest of the supplies I already had at home. This was cute and cheaper then the premade ones at Michaels or Joannes.