Sunday, September 16, 2012

Frame Art

There was a big empty wall in our guest bedroom. I've had all kinds of ideas of how I might want to decorate that wall. The one thing that I knew for sure was that I wanted some sort of large art. I decided to make my own art. I had great motivation to get something up on the wall since my long time friend came to visit us over the summer.

As usual I found lots of inspiration on pinterest. It is pretty much a daily thing in our house to start a sentence "Guess what I found on pinterest J..." I don't think my husband minded the whole pinterest thing so much until I actually started making the crafts. However, it is SO much cheaper making these things yourself then buying them.

What you'll need to make your own frame art:
-picture frames of different sizes
-paint & brushes
-hot glue

My inspiration was my jumping off point (as is pretty much anything I do). I knew that I wanted to hang one of my pictures from my photography class in college in the room. So I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of the semi cheap wood frames (ranging from $1-$20). I bought one large frame for the center and varying sizes to surround it. I bought two of each type of frame because I like things even. 

I came home and laid the frames out in a design I LOVED. I then wrote in pencil on the picture frames R for right and L for left so that I remembered which side I had placed them on. Looking back on this now I probably should have numbered them in some way because after I painted them I couldn't remember how I had originally laid them out.

My guest room different shades of blues and browns. I already had paint at home so I quickly went to town on painting my picture frames. I tried my best to make sure the same colored frames did not touch each other. After I redecided how I wanted to lay the frames out again I hot glued them together. The inspiration piece drilled holes and nailed them together. But since I was in a hurry to get something on the wall and the frames were light I hot glued them together, overlapping the frames. The center picture frame had one of the metal claw hooks on the back so I hung that regular. To add support to the other frames I periodically added a nail under the lip of one of the frames to make sure my new art wouldn't fall off the wall or lean.

I love the end product and again it is unique and something no one else will have. Not only is it my photograph but also my artwork. It made for a very cool and unique way to display one of my photographs. In the future I may decide to add on and make it larger but for now it's good. :)