Thursday, September 20, 2012

Glass Glue

One of the greatest inventions EVER! My mother introduced me to it originally. It is amazing what you can find to glue together to make something new. It is great for making serving plates.

For our wedding my mom and I couldn't find serving plates for the dessert bar for the cookies and cupcakes that we liked. In the end we bought three plates in varying sized and glass candlesticks and made our own.

When we moved into the new house I decided that the candle holder I had in our old guest bathroom I wanted to move it to a different part of the house but I still wanted the candles in the bathroom. I searched Hobby Lobby to find something I liked to glue to the candles for a base. Here is the end result.

A serving dish my mom made for me.

The brand of glass glue I use.

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