Saturday, September 29, 2012

Swiffer Duster

Due to our square footage upgrade I'm always looking for anything that makes it easier to clean and clean quickly. I found on pinterest that someone took fleece material and made a reusable cover for the swiffer duster and was selling them. I liked the thought of making a reusable one that I can through in the washer and dryer when I'm done. I also thought that I can figure out how to make my own with the spare fleece I've got lying around the craft room. My inspiration

First I took a piece of paper and outlined that shape of the swiffer duster. I then cut about four pieces of the fleece material into the rough shape I wanted for the duster. I took my bottom piece of fleece and put the piece of paper on top of it and sewed it together to get the pattern onto the fleece. After I pulled the paper off of the fleece.

Next I sewed all of the pieces of material together following the pattern I sewed onto the bottom piece. I then put the swiffer into the fleece duster.

Then begin cutting evenly all the way around. 

After the cutting fluff everything and begin dusting!

Happy Crafting!