Friday, May 15, 2015

Nadia Does New York - Day 2

Oh what a day! It started out with breakfast at Le Pain (a place we discovered last year and LOVED!).
Then onto my ultrasound appointment. A quick stop at Starbucks and then to see my favorite doctor. Doc says my ultrasound looked good.
After the good news we explored New York City.
We had a fantastic family style Italian dinner at Carmine's with a good friend of mine from hygiene school. Followed by seeing a Broadway show. While it had it's funny parts I wouldn't recommend it. Just because it's won multiple awards doesn't mean it's good.
After the show we hung out at pier 66 on the Hudson River. Then we went for a walk around the Hudson. Heading back to my friend's car we realized we came back too late and her car had been towed. We had a grand adventure walking 20+ blocks to the tow pound to get her car.
By the end of the day my feet were killing me and I had multiple blisters.