Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas Album - An Organized Way To Save Christmas Cards

Now that Christmas is over, I'm trying to get the house reorganized after all the Christmas chaos. Part of my organizing is to figure out what to do with the Christmas cards. I'm sure most people just throw the cards away each year. However, I'm very sentimental and I save all of our Christmas cards. Previous Christmas cards have gone into a drawer but this year I decided I wanted to do something more with them. So I decided to make a Christmas album...

Here are some of 2014's Christmas cards.
My Christmas album idea came from wanting to be able to look back
at previous cards and see how everyone has changed and families have grown.

I found this beautiful photo album on sale and
 it has been waiting to be filled with pictures.

Previous Christmas cards have been pulled out of their drawer
and are now nicely organized in our Christmas album.
Here's to 2015!

Happy Crafting!