Saturday, September 6, 2014

How To Knit: Unknitting - To Correct Knitting Mistakes

I have been knitting now for about three years. However, I am not perfect and I make mistakes (more then I care to admit!). In your own knitting journey, you too will make mistakes. Below is a video tutorial on the easiest way I've found to fix my knitting mistakes (especially for having to take out an entire row or multiple rows).

When I first started knitting I would take all of the knitting off the needle and pull on the working yarn, until I got to the point past my mistakes, and reinsert the needle into the stitches. However, that technique did not always work very well and would often cause more problems. I would end up taking more stitches out then intended and have to re-knit those stitches. Or somehow I would lose extra stitches in the middle of a row and be forced to undo even more rows. Or once I got the stitches were back on my needles they were twisted and very hard to work with. I was very thankful once I figured out how to unknit (I'm not sure if anyone else uses this technique or has a name for it but I call it unknitting). It's so much simpler than taking everything off the needle and trying to pull just the right amount of stitches out. 

Here is my Unknitting video!

Happy Crafting!