Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hope For Tomorrow

There are some days that I wish I could skip. Press fast forward and not have to deal with it... today is one of those days! Today marks one year since my last miscarriage.

I've always been good at remembering dates but now there are dates I will never forget.  Some good some bad. June 10, 2009 my first date with my husband. June 23, 2010 he put a ring on my finger and asked me to be his wife. December 18, 2010 we said I do. May 10, 2011 we lost our first baby, July 27, 2012 we lost our second baby. September 30,  2013 we lost our third baby. Remembering dates used to seem like a good thing but now there are certain dates I dread. On those days I can't help but remember all of the pain and all of the emotions. Most days I can push all of that to the back of my mind and only think about it a little bit. But on May 10, July 27, and September 30 my heart is broken.

I miss my babies more then words can say! But because my Lord and Savior died on the cross and rose again. I have HOPE! I have hope that somewhere in this world there will be someone who is pregnant and not ready to be a parent and she will decide that she wants a better life for her baby and she will choose us. I have hope that someday there will be a healthy pregnancy for me where there will be a beautiful baby for us to take home from the hospital. I have hope and hold onto the promise that God gave us years ago, after we lost our first baby, that we will have children.  I have hope (and know) that whenever my time comes and God calls me home that my babies will be there to greet me!

I pray for any of you that have experienced loss of any kind that you might now the hope that is in Jesus! There is nothing better! It's what sustains me!
The discussion of miscarriage should not be taboo. We should be able to talk about what we've been through and help each other! Thank you to my friends and family for being there after each loss! I welcome all questions and comments.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11