Thursday, February 20, 2014

Felted Slippers

These slippers have long been on my to do list and I'm happy to say they are finally done! I have been wanting to knit myself slippers since May last year and had found this cute pattern but there was a charge. I'm not a huge fan of having to pay for a pattern so I kept searching the internet for a similar pattern.

For those of you who knit or crochet I absolutely love! They have a ton of patterns and you can save the ones you like in your account. It was from Ravelry that I found my next pattern which was originally in German (I think) and translated into English. When I was finally ready to start knitting the slippers last month I realized that the pattern wasn't making much sense to me and so I began to search for yet another pattern. I swear I found this one by the Grace of God! The major thing I did differently the slippers then the pattern was that I used circular knitting needles instead of a loom. Having used a loom previously (I still prefer knitting needles) and knowing that a loom creates one side knit I just knit in stockinette stitch.

Please forgive the different lighting in my photos and the appearance that the wool is different colors. The pictures were taken in stages as I was working on the slippers and taken in different locations and different times of the day.
The basis of the slippers. I found this part rather boring to knit.

As of yet I don't own every knitting notion so I used some scrap yarn as a stitch marker.

Finishing the slipper and gathering the toe together.

I used a mattress stitch (taking the yarn in between the knitted v's from both sides to make an invisible join).
You can find a great youtube video here to show you how it's done.

The finished toe of the slipper.

Pre Felting: Place the slippers in a pillowcase and run them through the wash with towels to
felt them ie shrink. The pattern said to put them in a zippered pillowcase. I don't have one so I just
knotted the end of the pillowcase and it worked fine.

Post Felting: I ran the slipper through the wash on a regular cycle and they came out too big still.
Once more through a light cycle and they fit great. I wore them for a few minutes so that they could get the shape of my feet and let them air dry.

Here they are all ready for the straps.

I first added the buttons to the straps and then the straps to the slippers.
I love the way they turned out!
Hopefully they'll keep my feet nice and warm on our tile floors.

Happy Crafting!