Friday, November 22, 2013

Stockinette Stitch with Picot Hem: Scarves for Christmas

This scarf is simple yet complex. It's done in stockinette stitch... simple enough right? What about two stranded yarn? A little bit more difficult but the end result is gorgeous and I love the two toned effect. The scarf consists of three different shades of pink. The magenta pink is done through out the entire scarf with the second colors being half rose pink and half light pink.  The Picot hem is done in two stranded magenta. Then end result is a beautiful, thick scarf for little A. I try to make each scarf unique to each person as much as I can. She has a unique condition where she can't feel hot or cold so I made her scarf extra thick to ensure she stays warm.

The scarf before the picot hem.
Picot hem: trying to make the scarf as girly as possible!
The finished product!

Happy Crafting!