Thursday, August 22, 2013

Herringbone Stitch: Scarves For Christmas

This year for Christmas I'm going to make scarves for my neices and nephews for Christmas. They'll come in handy when it starts snowing!  Plus a scarf is more one size fits all so I won't have to be guessing what size everyone is wearing and what they're in to.
I'm taking this opportunity to try out new knit stitches that I've been wanting to knit. The herringbone stitch has been on the top of my list. You can find the instructions I used here.
I love way this stitch looks on both sides! For a border on the ends of the scarf instead of knitting two from behind and slipping one I did it from the front. \When I asked L what her favorite color is (to base the scarf on) she said neon green. I chose yarn that had neon green as well as other colors to make it more versatile. I hope L will love this scarf as much as I do!
Right Side
Wrong Side

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