Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crafty Baking

I decided yesterday to expand my craftiness to baking bread. While I do love to bake (I have an entire corner of my kitchen dedicated to baking) I have never made bread before. I suppose that isn't technically entirely true.... I'm famous for my banana bread. But I have never made bread that isn't dessert-ish. 

While grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and perusing the baking aisle, wondering what I was going to bake next I thought I better learn how to bake bread! First of all because we were out and second because if I keep baking cookies I'm never going to keep my New Year's resolution of losing weight! 

After baking the bread I obviously must have killed the yeast and will be investing in a water thermometer. I told my husband that I'll keep at it till I've perfected it for us! At least it tastes good!

UPDATE 2/27/2013: I forgot to put the link to the recipe I used... SORRY! So here it is: Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Dough getting ready to rise.

Dough divided into loaves and getting ready to rise again.

Didn't rise :( But tastes good :)

Happy Crafting!