Monday, October 15, 2012

Project Pretty Pantry Part 1

Have you ever been perfectly content with something that is fine not realizing there is something better out there? I've had this realization about my pantry. I was perfectly fine with it's fairly organized state and it being plain white until last week and discovering a SPECTACULAR pantry on another blog. Now I am on a mission to pretty up my pantry! My inspiration.

 Here is a picture of what the pantry looks like after cleaning it out. It hadn't gotten a good spring cleaning so I threw out everything that was stale, got rid of boxed and put the crackers in air tight containers. Items that needed to be grouped together went into baskets to keep things organized. I now have a basket of baking supplies that stay in the pantry, a basket full of top ramen, and a basket with different sizes of disposable plates and napkins. I LOVE having the pantry organized! It's great to get rid of the boxes and having snacks in clear containers you can see.

The pantry is still a work in progress. I still have BIGGER plans for the pantry so stay tuned!