Saturday, October 13, 2012

Loom Knitting - Scarf

My mother decided that she wanted to knit my aunt a scarf for Christmas. There is one big problem with this.... she doesn't know how to knit! So of course I'm doing it for her. I have knitted before but I'm still at a beginner/easy level. I can do the knit stitch but have issues with the purl on the knitting needles. A scarf is pretty straight forward since you aren't increasing or decreasing stitches. I have decided to do a knit row purl row for the scarf.

Here is the scarf so far. The pros and cons of knitting on a loom... 
Pros: It's knitted on both sides (looks the same on both sides=no wrong side). I also find it easier to do the purl stitch on the loom. If you forget a stitch you can go back and do it and it is easier to pick up a dropped stitch.
Cons: I find it more time consuming doing it this way. It would probably be easier if you were doing just a knit stitch or just a purl stitch instead of switching back and forth.I forgot to take a picture of  when I began. Sorry! First you tie a knot on the starter peg (you have a better view of it in the next picture). How I chose to start it was by doing a figure 8 with the yarn on two parallel pegs then you do the figure 8 again around the same two pegs. Place your crochet hook into the bottom loop lifting it over the top loop and place it on the other side of the peg. Do the same thing to the opposite peg. Keep doing this for all parallel sets of pegs until you have reached your desired length.

After you have finished casting on, take the working yarn
and wrap it around the pegs in a zig zag pattern going diagonally.

After you have finished wrapping the working yarn one way,
wrap it around the  parallel peg and continue wrapping  zig zag around the remaining pegs.

First I will show you the knit stitch.
When wrapping the working yarn around the pegs it goes on the top.
It is similar to how we cast on.
Take the crochet hook in the bottom loop...

and pull it up and over the peg and the wrapped yarn.

Now for the trickier part... the purl stitch on the loom.  Wrap the working yarn below  your previous work.  Place the crochet hook inside your last stitch and hook it around the wrapped working yarn. Pull the working yarn through the middle and pull both stitches off the peg keeping the crochet hook with the working yarn loop. Place the new loop back on the peg.

Also when you're loom knitting if you can't remember what stitch you did last... with the knit stitch the yarn is on top and with the purl stitch the yarn is on the bottom. I know that might seem silly to some to point out but  just a reminder :)

Here is the website that I used to understand how to loom knit.

Happy Crafting!