Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas 201?

Nothing beats saving money especially during the holidays! This was an accidental money saver... I decided this year that I wanted to do something different for our Christmas cards and chose Christmas postcards. I found the style I liked but it said Merry Christmas 2012 (pictured below). I called the company (who shall remain nameless) to find out if this is the way they would come of if they would say 2014. The company explained that they had not updated their website, that I was not the first one to ask about this and that the postcards would indeed say 2014.


You can imagine my irritation when they arrived in the mail saying Merry Christmas 2012! I called the company and voiced my frustration over the fact that I had called and was told the date would be correct. They refunded me my money and told me to order different cards because they could not figure out how to change the template to the correct date. I went back and looked at all of the cards and didn't like any over my other choices. So here's what I did....


I found Christmas stickers that covered the error! Their error was my savings... all I had to pay for were the stickers (and postage).

P.S. My cards went out in the mail today and for those that are receiving one of our cards, I apologize for the glitter from my cute stickers that goes EVERYWHERE!

Merry Christmas everyone!