Saturday, November 30, 2013

Scone anyone?

I made scones for the first time. Thankfully they were a success. It's always scary when you make a new recipe for friends. It's one thing when I try new recipes out on my husband but to make a recipe you've never made before to bring to a friend's house is a bit scary. I was invited over for tea so what better to make then scones?

You can find the recipe I used here. Everything went well... too well I think. I mixed everything in my kitchen aid. The only thing I did differently from the recipe was to use fresh fruit instead of frozen. Everything was going great until the last bit where the recipe said to form the dough into a circle and cut it into wedges, put it on a cookie sheet and bake. But my dough wasn't stiff enough for me to cut it into wedges and move them to a cookie sheet to bake. So instead I used a large cookie scoop and baked them. The good news is the tasted great!

My doughy dough.

The yummy finished product!

Happy Crafting!