Thursday, June 13, 2013

Remake Favorite T-Shirt

We all have an old favorite shirt that no matter how many times we clean out our closet we just can't seem to get rid of... the green Famous Stars and Straps is mine. When I was a teenager I wore things much tighter then I do now. My favorite shirt no longer fits comfortably but no matter how many times I've purged clothes out of my closet, my favorite shirt always remains.

A few months ago one of the straps broke on a tank top broke. I put it in my mending pile but never got around to it. Mainly because the straps are spaghetti strap and I wasn't sure if it would hold. It has sat around in my craft room the last few months and pinterest inspired me to combine the two shirts to make one new shirt that fits comfortably!

Old tank top

Favorite T-shirt

= New Comfy Shirt

Step 1: Take a shirt you own that fits comfortably and measure to figure out how much material you want to add.

Step 2: Seam rip the side seams of your old shirt and cut the appropriate amount of fabric from your tank top (including the new seam allowance). I kept the original bottom hems of both shirts to make things easier. The hems didn't quite match up but you can only tell if you look closely.

Step 3: Pin the tank top pieces to the shirt, sewing a straight seam closest to the edge and a zigzag after that (if you have a serger machine you can use that instead of the zigzag stitch).

Step 4: I used material some of the extra tank top material to add it into the sleeve area.

I love the end result and having my new favorite shirt back! 
Happy crafting!