Saturday, June 22, 2013

I love the smell of yeast in the morning!

One of my favorite things about making my own bread is the smell of the yeast! There are other great things about it as well.... 1. I get my baking itch out without sweet goodies laying around the house 2. homemade bread tastes great 3. homemade bread is SO much cheaper and of course 4. it makes the house smell amazing!

I have come to love Julia Child's white bread recipe and even though the recipe is for white bread I have also made it with whole wheat flour. It comes out amazing either way. Hopefully Julia Child isn't rolling over in her grave knowing that I've changed her recipe slightly!

I wish you could smell the bread from the picture. Take my word for it, it's fantastic. Or make it and find out for yourself! Happy baking!

Happy Crafting!