Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Poached eggs

Saturday morning I was feeling kitchen crafty and decided to make eggs benedict for breakfast. I thought it would be the perfect breakfast since 1) I love eggs benedict 2) we had leftover ham from Easter 3) I felt adventurous. 

Making eggs benedict might not seem adventurous to most people but it is for me! Mainly because I had never poached an egg. To remedy that I read up online how to poach eggs. It seemed simple enough: simmer water in pan, swirl water with spatula and gently drop in egg. Well apparently that is to difficult because I ended up with chunky egg water. For my own ego I won't be sharing pictures of my screw up. I ruined two eggs this way.

While searching for how to poach eggs I came across a woman who poaches her eggs in the microwave. While at first that didn't sound appealing to me I figured it should be simple enough and we could still have breakfast as planned! Thankfully it worked! The only downside is that I like my eggs lightly poached so that the yolk is still runny and I couldn't achieve that in the microwave.

Breakfast was delicious and almost all of the leftover ham was used!