Thursday, February 28, 2013

Soda Fountain Scarf

And so my next knitting project begins... I'm not letting a little thing like knotted yarn stop me from making this beautiful scarf! I know many people will ask why don't you just pull the yarn from the middle and start knitting? My answer is that I've had too many knitting projects put to a halt and complicated by multiple knots. It's a lot easier to try and undo those knots when it's just in the yarn stage and not the I've knit half my project and how the heck do I get this massive, tangled knot out?! (In a precious knitting project it was so bad that I actually cut the knot out and used the Russian join technique to put the yarn back together.)

This will be the first scarf that I've made for myself.... while I own many scarfs all of them someone else made for me. While I love multicolored yarn (especially the yarn pictured in the pattern found here), this soft, beautiful green yarn screamed to me that this was the pattern to knit with it. Green is my favorite color so what better color to use when knitting myself something?!

I'm itching to cast on and get knitting! Stay tuned for the finished product!

My mess of yarn before it comes a huge ball to knit with!

Happy Crafting!